Wythe Yarn’s Anniversary

We are gearing up to celebrate Wythe Yarn’s third anniversary September 15 & 16! In true Wythe Yarn style, we are celebrating with custom dyed gradient kits from our friends at Done Roving! There are two different gradient options for you to choose from: a gradient cake and a gradient kit. Orders will be placed next Thursday, so contact the shop today to place your order!

           Mini Gradient Kit Option

The sample above is the mini gradient kit option knit into the Myndie pattern by Ambah O’Brien. For this kit, I chose to make the large sized shawl and had plenty of yarn left over. You could easily modify it to make it larger and use up all of your kit. This pattern is the perfect way to show off this beautiful gradient! These kits are $46.99 each and have 600 yards of fingering weight yarn.

             Gradient Cake Option

The sample above was done with the gradient cake option and is the Sedona Tracks pattern by Suzanne Nielsen. This cowl is a Möbius; if you have not learned how to do this unique style of knitting, this would be a great time to learn! These kits are $30.99 each and have 480 yards of fingering weight yarn.


Don’t forget to stop by or call the shop today to place your orders! The yarn should arrive on or before our event (September 15 & 16).